Tui Raven


Writer, Curator, Presenter, Indigenous Community Engagement.

Innovate, Create, Educate

I specialise in WA Indigenous engagement and conveying Indigenous focused content for audiences. I can assist your business to sensitively convey messages , which are culturally responsive, culturally appropriate, culturally compatible, and culturally relevant. I communicate information in a knowledge-centred learning approach through storytelling, facts, ideas, concepts, and principles.

Through simple techniques such as levels of information, your audience will be able to effortlessly comprehend complex concepts. I also teach the subtle skill of understanding the effect of emotive language and language bias. I endeavour too curate exhibitions with a minimum of three main background themes. This assists audiences to understand complex concepts, by making connections between topics, without the need to explain every concept.


To creatively engage audiences in content which considers Indigenous perspectives and ways of knowing.  


Integrity: Authentic and honest engagement.

Passionate: Passion brings quality to the final product and delight for your audiences.

Creativity: Creatively provide unique solutions for your audience.

The First Inventors

Between 2020 and 2022 I assisted with producing WA content for The First Inventors series. I am also an onscreen talent for a number of segments in the series.

What is it like to be Aboriginal?

In December of 2017 I completed a TEDX UWA Talk. Someone said to me after they watched my talk, ‘it’s a bit cliché’. I guess that was the point really, racism is cliché. Understanding the history of my culture as it is projected against the ‘dominant’ culture, might seem cliché. However without our storytellers we don’t learn.

When I’m not working on projects I am taking photographs. I am trained in black and white photography, and yes I have my own darkroom equipment. I am still trying to find the time set it up. When I travel I mostly use digital due to the ease and cost. One day I dream of owning a Hasselblad with a polaroid back.

Head over to polaroid dreaming to check out my photographs from far flung places. (The site is consistently being updated)


Sometimes I am away travelling. It’s best to contact me via socials below or send me an email.