Project management: Proven experience in managing diverse projects. I have managed art, heritage and language projects for government departments.

Indigenous Liaison: Over ten years of experience of Indigenous liaison with individuals and community groups. I specialise in finding the right method of engagement for each community.

Content writing and editing: I have a Graduate Diploma Arts (linguistics), which greatly assists with the content writing and editing process.

Research: over 20 years of experience in research. Diverse research skills including; government administrative investigations, environmental assessments, heritage, art and family history.

Exhibition curating: Bachelor of Fine Art (Honours) I wrote my honours thesis on identity politics and the way that cultures can be mapped. This has given me a broad understanding of the tools used to convey or hide information.

Public Speaker: I am often called up at short notice to be on discussion panels or give interviews. I don’t get flustered and understand that I can slow down the pace of a discussion by succinctly unpacking information or redirecting questions if there is confusion.

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