Collective Ground @AGWA

Collective Groundconnections between ourselves and places, is designed to remind the viewer of the vastness of WA, our amazing Indigenous artists, and their connection to Country and deep time, and how the pandemic has affected our connection to place.

In support of the WA arts community during the COVID-19 pandemic, the AGWA Board and the AGWA Foundation announced a sector-leading stimulus package of up to $1.5 million for Western Australian artists. Through funding from the AGWA Foundation, the new initiative provided support for all living West Australian artists represented in the State Art Collection and Aboriginal art centres across the State.

Listen to my interview with Mark Patrick on Noongar Radio.

Key dates and information: Exhibition last date 23 October 2022.

The job: Guest Curator. Curate exhibition of work by WA Aboriginal artists for the Art Gallery of WA Covid-19 Art Stimulus Package.

Client: AGWA (The Art Gallery of Western Australia)

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