Emerging/Co-curators: Corban Clause Williams (Martumili Artists), Kimberley McKie, Layne Dhu-Dickie, Lorna Dawson, Sharlene Phillips (Spinifex Hill Studio), Melissa Sandy (Yinjaa – Barni Art), Wendy Warrie (Cheeditha Art Group) Courtney McKay (Juluwarlu Art Group)

Emergent is an outcome of an Emerging Curators Project aimed to engage a group of artists and art workers with minimal experience in curating exhibitions. The project has taken them through all the steps that go into creating an exhibition from selecting works, to considering what might go in a catalogue, to placing works in the exhibition space, and presenting accompanying public programming. The co-curators were encouraged to select works from their respective art centres by new and emerging artists, established artists who are trying new techniques, or artists who only make a small number of works.

Key dates and further information: https://issuu.com/form-wa/docs/emergent_catalogue_11022022

The job: Consultant Curator. Working with FORM – building a state of creativity on an emerging curators project.

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